2023 Risk Management Series Calendar


February 23Ownership of Documents and Intellectual Property: Are They the Same or How Do They Differ?

March 23Contract Review Guide

April 20Pick One: Professional Liability? General Liability? Both? or Neither?

May 18 – RLI Learning Event, part of an RLI Partnership   Five Frustrating but Controllable Aspects of Contracts

September 14 RLI Learning Event, part of an RLI Partnership   Risk Spectrum of Construction Phase Services

October 19 – RLI Learning Event, part of an RLI Partnership   CLAIM is a Five Letter Word-What Happens When It Happens to You? Click here to Register

It’s been said that there are two types of design professionals—those that have been sued and those that will be sued. What are some common sources of claims against design professionals? What can you do to try to prevent them from affecting your firm? What happens and where do you turn when you have a claim?

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How it can be alleged that a design professional created or perpetuated a hazard that impacts the public
  • What happens when unsafe conditions are allowed to continue on a construction site
  • About ongoing an demerging concerns related to security awareness in the built environment
  • Tips for preserving your client relationships, maybe even strengthening them, in the face a claim.