Commercial Auto Insurance

Some firms choose to purchase vehicles through the company and obtain an auto insurance policy through a commercial insurer. In general these policies are more expensive than private auto insurers, but based on the firm’s usage of the vehicles this approach may makes sense.

Consider this:
If you ask your employee to drive his or her own car on an errand or to a jobsite, that employee’s own auto insurance is primary in the case of an accident. Even if your Business Owners Policy contains coverage for “non-owned and hired” autos, the firm is protected in the event of a claim made against the firm arising out of a work-related auto accident, but the employee’s own policy will be the one responsible for damages. For this reason some firm’s choose to purchase or lease an auto for use by the employees. The commercial auto policy would then be primary.

Maloney & Company, LLC can provide commercial auto policy quotes for any of our clients with company-owned vehicles or fleets.

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