As we begin our 20th year in business…

As we begin our 20th year in business, I want to thank all our loyal clients for making it such a pleasure to come to work each day!  When I describe you to my friends and associates, I typically ask them, who else gets to work with the type of clients that I do?  Our design clients are creative, intelligent, educated, interesting, honest and nice.  I feel so fortunate to have spent the past 20+ years helping you with your practices.  Much of my thinking, in the office and out, focuses on what suggestions I could make to help keep you out of trouble.  And when problems arise, as they inevitably will, I know that I and the others at Maloney & Company will be there to help.  And I know from experience that you value our suggestions and guidance.

This year, in honor of our 20th year helping architects, engineers and surveyors, I will dig though my old files to see if I can come up with some relics from the past, and a memory or two to share.  As we embark our next 20-year segment it will be fun to share these thoughts and lessons with you, my treasured clients. – Michael J. Maloney

Holiday picture from 2006

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