Every architect/engineer’s worst nightmare–personal liability

What is the risk that keeps you up at night?  Is it the idea that you could sacrifice your savings/retirement fund/college savings due to your design negligence?

Architects and engineers may be held personally liable for their professional work if they breach their duty of care to their clients or other parties who may be affected by their work. This can include design errors, omissions, or negligence that result in property damage, bodily injury, or even loss of life.

The extent of personal liability will depend on several factors, such as the type of project, the contractual arrangements, and the applicable laws and regulations. In some cases, architects and engineers may be protected by professional liability insurance or by incorporating their business.

To minimize the risk of personal liability, architects and engineers should adhere to professional standards and best practices, conduct thorough assessments and analyses, communicate effectively with clients and stakeholders, and document their work carefully. It is also important to seek legal advice and guidance as needed and to stay informed about changes in the legal and regulatory environment.

Easy to say, hard to do.  What is your best approach to this?  Work with a specialist insurance broker like Maloney & Company, LLC.  We send out risk management suggestions several times a year, alerting you to old-school and emerging risks that might affect your well-being.  Professional liability coverage can help you with legal fees and damage awards based on your design services, GL coverage as part of a Business Owners Policy can protect you against non-design related claims.  Cyber coverage helps you with hackers, EPLI in case you get a complaint from a disgruntled employee.