Thank you to all our loyal clients!

In honor of our 20th year in business, I want to thank all our loyal clients for making it such a pleasure to come to work each day!  Over the years that I have worked with you, I have found that you are creative, intelligent, educated, interesting, honest and nice.  And you deserve to work with insurance representatives who appreciate those qualities in you and share many of them.  Part of what we do each day is to shield you from the mind-numbing inefficiencies of insurance companies, and give you a (relatively) painless, cost-effective insurance program.

As with last month, to celebrate our 20th year helping architects, engineers and surveyors, I have dug though my old files to come up with relics from the past, and a memory or two to share.  As we embark our next 20 year segment it will be fun to share these thoughts and lessons with you, my treasured clients.

Although Maloney & Company, LLC is celebrating its 20th year, I have worked with architects, engineers and surveyors since 1992.  If you had called me to discuss insurance back then, you would have  been speaking with someone that looked like this…

Funny to see things on the desk like a tube computer, manila folders, stapler and even a two-hole punch to keep important papers filed in an organized fashion! – Michael J. Maloney

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