A Closer Look at Professional Liability / Errors and Omissions


The insurance that protects your company in the event that a client alleges you made a mistake that caused them a loss is extremely important. For dentists and doctors, this is called malpractice insurance. For design professionals, this is called Professional Liability, Errors and Omissions, or E&O coverage. Whatever you wish to call it, it covers the errors (or omissions) that your company has made, or the errors that your client perceives your company has made.
As an architect or engineer, your projects have to answer to many different premises: Laws and regulations, clients specifications, safety, and the test of time. The stakes are high, and if your business gets sued over an error it made, big or small, you’ll need to be prepared for an expensive legal battle. That is, unless you carry Professional Liability Insurance.

Anything can come up:
  • A client builds a house according to your plans, then blames your design for their water damage problems.
  • Your design team miscalculates how long a project will take, then the client sues because the project wasn’t move-in ready when planned.
  • The architect mismeasures while ordering cabinetry, which holds back the project and costs more money.
  • A building you designed is too hot or too cold, so the owner holds you responsible for the bad design of your engineering sub-consultant.

It is not uncommon in the design industry to find clients who try to sue their design professional in order to recoup losses on a project. With Professional Liability / Errors and Omissions Insurance, you don’t have to waste time or money, and some policies will even reimburse your business for the lost income you incurred while defending yourself in court.

Your Professional Liability / E&O coverage should be customized to suit the needs of your architectural, engineering, surveying, or consulting firm, and that’s where Maloney & Company, LLC comes in. We have definitive knowledge of your industry and are very aware of the risks that you face, along with close relationships with over 15 top-rated insurance companies. We are able to retain quotes of different limits and deductibles that we know will provide the best value and fit for your firm.


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